Wimi Armoured’s mission is to make teamwork more simple and more efficient in a secure way.

Lionel Roux


Antoine Duboscq


Our story

Wimi was born out of the idea that teamwork is far less efficient than it needs to be. When Lionel Roux and Antoine Duboscq created Wimi in 2010, they had a total of 30 years of experience in management, entrepreneurial and advisory positions. They found that desktop tools and the internet had considerably improved individual productivity, but that considerable amounts of time and energy were lost in tasks linked to teamwork.
However, there was no solution to this problem on the market. The majority of those who tried to tackle this problem devised specialised tools for document sharing or task sharing: This is better than nothing, but it is far from complete, and it quickly becomes complicated to juggle different tools. Rather than being content with what was available, the founders decided to build their own tool, with a simple vision: to make teamwork easier by covering all of the essential needs across one intuitive interface. They have one belief: with an integrated, easy-to-use tool, businesses will increase productivity and benefit greatly from the power of teamwork.