Secure Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing

Wimi brings together all the key features for secure videos communication within your organization (AirTime, Screensharing, etc.).


Communicate efficiently and save time!

Wimi AirTime: audio/video calls and screen-sharing directly from your browser

Your AirTime link
Add participants
Link to the chat
Screen sharing
Video call
Sharing options (audio, video, screen)

No installation

Wimi AirTime does not require any software installation. You can initiate an audio and/or video call – with or without screen-sharing – directly through your browser.

End-to-end encryption

Your data is encrypted on your device before being sent over the web on our servers. Thus, your data remains perfectly unreadable by everyone except the persons you have nominatively authorized.

Accept or decline incoming calls on your Airtime

When somebody is trying to reach you via AirTime, you can always choose whether to take the call or not.

Multi factor and multi device authentication

Choose “à la carte” the authentication factors your users must provide to access your Wimi Armored platform.

Communicate simply by sharing a link

To start a call, simply share your AirTime link with the participants you want to invite for an audio/video conference or screen-sharing session.

Data sovereignty

Our data centers are located in Metropolitan France. Wimi Armored is developed and marketed by Cloud Solutions SAS, a French and independent company.

Audio and video conferencing, simplified

The best thing about communicating via AirTime is that all you have to do is share your direct AirTime link. People click on the link and start a communication with you… directly in your browser!

SaaS, hybrid or On-Premises hosting

Choose the type of host that best suits your needs and constraints.

Client Testimonials

After high growth within our company and in order to guarantee the security of our clients’ data, we decided to use Wimi Armoured to not only improve the quality of our internal teamwork, but also with our clients. Wimi has made everything easier.

Frédéric RenardMarketing Manager — BlueFox

Wimi Armoured is the best secure project management tool that I have used. Having all messages, files, tasks and agendas in one single place really helps make life easier. No longer the need to search through thousands of emails!

Tim DemouresCEO — Eloquens

To put it simply, we are working faster, more intelligently and more efficiently. Productivity has increased and we have gained credibility from our clients. Everyone in our team loves Wimi Armoured. Less mistakes and satisfied customers, what more could you want?

Nicole FrezChef de Projet — Publicis

I used to wonder where we were up to with a project and if the tasks had been well distributed and completed. All members of our team have become more responsible since using Wimi.

Emre AslanFondateur — Koa Agency
Category Leader - Wimi had been voted Leader in the category ‘Project Management’ by GetApp.