Secure Collaboration

Wimi Armoured, the first collaborative platform with end-to-end encryption, offers a unique solution for efficient collaboration on your sensitive projects and activities without compromising security, confidentiality or data sovereignty.
Flexible collaboration on your sensitive projects and activities

Wimi Armoured is the only solution for efficient collaboration on sensitive projects and activities without compromising your security, confidentiality or data sovereignty.

An all-in-one platform for protecting all types of exchanges

By combining the essential tools for teamwork within one solution, Wimi Armoured protects according to your needs: instant discussions, files, tasks, calendars, Video Conferencing,...

Security without compromising the user experience

Wimi Armoured integrates a very high level of security and confidentiality while offering an unparallelled user experience.


of companies have reported experiencing problems during the last 12 months.


The average cost of a data leak


Of web traffic surveilled by the NSA in 2013.

(1) Hexatrust (2) IBM 2016 (3) Wall Street Journal

Protect against threats !

Multiple threats…

Wimi Armoured offers effective protection against the majority of threats against the securisation of data, projects, and sensitive activity for any organization (company, administration) that is concerned about security and data sovereignty.

In combining reinforced authentication (multi-factor, multi-device), end-to-end encryption, and data sovereignty, Wimi Armoured is a unique solution responding to current issues in the fight against cyber crime.

Data Leaks

End-to-end encryption makes data unreadable to all unauthorized persons.


In case of interference, the stored data is encrypted, and the keys for decryption are not found within our infrastructure (local keys.)

Tampering of data

All modifications of data are traced through a dedicated Trust Chain.

User password theft

A user is protected by multi-factor authentication. As well as this, log-in must be done from a pre-authorized location.

Theft of Hosting Materials

If someone with malicious intent steals, for example, a hard disc of our infrastructure, the data will remain unreadable.

User device theft

Heightened protection from device theft (mobile, laptop, PC) is offered during multi-factor and multi-device authentication.

Wimi Armoured adapts to your needs

Choose your functionalities…

Channel & Chat

Doc & Drive



Video-Conferencing and Screen-Sharing

Choose your hosting service…


Dedicated Hosting



A range of use cases covered

Protect your projects and strategy-related data

Wimi Armoured offers unrivalled protection (security, confidentiality, data sovereignty) for your projects and strategy-related data.

Collaborate with external partners

Collaborate with external partners without constraint and without compromising your security.

Sharing of confidential data

Wimi Armoured allows fully secure sharing of all types of previously encrypted data: messages, files, tasks, calendars, video conferencing…

Encourage multi-site team work

Create collaborative workspaces easily so that even teams working in distant locations can collaborate without difficulty.

Manage sensitive projects and activities

Wimi Armoured offers all of the tools you need for management, coordination, and projects within a completely secure framework.

Insure confidentiality throughout client work

Wimi Armoured is the ideal solution for carrying out client work whilst ensuring the highest level of confidentiality and security.

Create highly secure datarooms

In a few clicks, create datarooms containing files, as well as instantaneous discussions, tasks, and a calendar.

Work on high-stake calls

Wimi Armoured allows you to securely share all types of previously encrypted data: messages, files, tasks, calendars, video conferences…

Client Testimonials

After high growth within our company and in order to guarantee the security of our clients’ data, we decided to use Wimi Armoured to not only improve the quality of our internal teamwork, but also with our clients. Wimi has made everything easier.

Frédéric RenardMarketing Manager — BlueFox

Wimi Armoured is the best secure project management tool that I have used. Having all messages, files, tasks and agendas in one single place really helps make life easier. No longer the need to search through thousands of emails!

Tim DemouresCEO — Eloquens

To put it simply, we are working faster, more intelligently and more efficiently. Productivity has increased and we have gained credibility from our clients. Everyone in our team loves Wimi Armoured. Less mistakes and satisfied customers, what more could you want?

Nicole FrezChef de Projet — Publicis

I used to wonder where we were up to with a project and if the tasks had been well distributed and completed. All members of our team have become more responsible since using Wimi.

Emre AslanFondateur — Koa Agency
Category Leader - Wimi had been voted Leader in the category ‘Project Management’ by GetApp.

A proud (and committed) representative of FrenchTech!

We are very proud to represent FrenchTech and to contribute to the digital transformation of our country.

Today, the online software world is largely dominated by North American players (Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Box, Slack, etc.) who store data confidentially and securely. However, these players are subject to the US Patriot Act which authorizes US Security services to access computer data held by individuals and businesses, without prior legal authorization and without informing users.

In addition, recent scandals have demonstrated the existence of mass surveillance (NSA, PRISM, etc.) and the possibility of the digitalization of personal and professional exchanges.

Finally, cybercrime is in full swing. Demand for ransom, data theft, intrusions, the creativity of hackers seems limitless. In France, 57% of companies reported having encountered an “incident” in the past 12 months.

All of this places an immense risk on the security and confidentiality of your data.

Wimi Armoured offers public and private organizations effective protection against these risks while restoring full sovereignty over their data.

Lionel Roux


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